1. The plural of cover.
  2. The bedclothes.
    It"s time to get under the covers!
  3. (cricket) The area of the field near cover and extra cover.
  4. (cricket) The tarpaulins or other devices used to cover the wicket during rain, in order to prevent it getting wet.

6 letters in word "covers": C E O R S V.

Anagrams of covers:

Words found within covers:

cero ceros cor core cores cors corse cos cose cove cover coves eco er eros ers es oe oes or orc orcs ore ores ors os ose over overs re rec recs res rev revs roc rocs roe roes rose rove roves sco score sec seco ser servo so soc sore sov vers verso voces voe voes vor vors

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